Hong Ren Tang

Hong Ren Tang Australia Corporation Pty Ltd (HRT HEALTH) was founded by Scott Zhao in 2001. In its early years, Hong Ren Tang was a small clinic which provider traditional Chinese medicine, health consultation and Acupuncture to local communities. As the good quality services it provided, Hong Ren Tang quickly built its patient groups through word of mouth. After 15 years running and expanding, Hong Ren Tang now is one of the largest Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and services providers in Queensland. Currently, Hong Ren Tang Australia has four branches: three clinics located in Southern Brisbane area: HRT Herbal Centre, HRT Acupuncture & Massage Centre and, and HRT Garden City Herbal Centre. One new clinic located in Southport, Gold Coast. All branches focus on providing clients with professional Chinese herbal consultations and Acupuncture Treatment. Apart from HRT Herbal Centre, other three branches also provide remedial Massage treatments through well experienced and qualified practitioners. Some other services offered by all of branches, including Cupping, Gua Sha, and herbal dispensary.


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