Private Health Insurance

Our services (Acupuncture, Herbal Consultation, Remedial Massage) are covered by most of private health funds. Acupuncture and Remedial Massage can claim on spot through HICAPS terminal (listed below). For Herbal consultation, we normally provide claim receipts to customer, which can be used to claim on private health insurance app, website or service stores. if your insurance is not on the list, please check with your insurance cover or seek information from the insurance company.

Q&A related to insurance claim

Acupuncture service now covered by workCover QLD

Acupuncture is an approved service where there’s evidence of positive clinical and functional outcomes. WorkCover Qeensland support acupuncture that’s provided by a board registered Chinese Medicine practitioner. Most of our Acupuncture therapists are registered with CMBA and WorkCover Qeensland.  The initial consultation can be billed without prior approval on an accepted and current claim. Prior approval is needed for ongoing consultations. For more information and requirements, please check with your employer, GP or WorkCover Qeensland.