what is cupping?

Cupping is a therapy using vacuum cups to draw out pathogens within the body. It is painless and an excellent way to purge excess. The vacuum is created by suction or by heat.
Cupping is used to clear blockages, activate blood circulation and the lymphatic system. In order to achieve this, the cups are left on the skin for a short time to form blood stasis; this is an effective method of opening the channels. Cupping usually leaves bruised marks on the skin that might or might not blister. Blisters and bruises will disappear within about 3 – 4 days.


• Expel Cold & Damp
• Remove blood stasis
• Move Qi & blood
• Reduce swelling
• Alleviate pain
• Draw out toxins
• Purge heat
• Regulate yin-yang of the body
• Relieve fatigue


Do not use cupping in case of:
• Ulcers
• Skin allergy
• High fever
• Abdomen and Lumbo-sacral area of pregnant women

Slide cupping

The area to be treated with slide cupping is covered with some lubrication, like glycerine or paraffin oil to prevent injury to the skin. After the cup is “attached “to the skin surface by a gentle vacuum the cup is moved smoothly with a sliding or gliding motion over the area.This method of cupping is usually applied to the back to manage aching pain in the back.